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Chia Kitten Meow Meow (Update 3)

02/01/2007 @ 6:08pm


My last small web project was finally completed Friday night. However, I still haven’t sent the invoice out yet to collect payment. Damn web editing manual is a bitch to write-up. Should be done by tomorrow though.

With that said, I started on the Chia Kitten a few days ago. After soaking Ms. Kitten in water for 24 hours, I proceeded to seed her. Alas, I found that the seeds also needed to be soaked in water for 24 hours. [sigh] So another 24 hours went by, 48 for Ms. Kitten, and finally, pasted the seeds on her body. My mom saw her and cringed cuz the seeds reminded her of insect eggs.


^^ Ms. Kitten’s first bath! Meow 83




^^ My mom placed her next to the heater cuz our house is quite cold during the winters. However, not too close to them to dry her out.


^^ I think she looks happy. 83


02/05/2007 @ 8:51am


^^ Meow Meow on Saturday 3rd. The roots were growing here. It looked gross according to my mom. 8E


^^ Fortunately, by this morning, Meow Meow has grown some greens all over her. 83


02/09/2007 @ 12:37am


^^ All her sprouts are out! Now I wait for those little green bud things to open up.


02/14/2007 @ 12:12am

Meow Meow’s sprouts grew to their full lengths a few days ago. She sucks up a lot of water every day and have to refill her every night, as well as spray her sprouts every now and then too.




Both my mom and bro seems to find her sprouts/roots disgusting. I’m quite indifferent. To me, she looks like a tiny green sheep with a cat’s head. 83


5 thoughts on “Chia Kitten Meow Meow (Update 3)

  1. once she starts growing, don’t be surprised if ppl say “hairy pussy ya got there” 😉

  2. Oh yes, they have started to grow. My mom cringes every time she sees her. Cuz they look like worms right now.

  3. Just scanning your blog this picture made me laugh
    ‘It looked like a sheep – I shaved it’

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