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I Must Be Pretty Blind


[“Ryûun no pavane” by Kunihiko Ryo]

Pat, Emma, Jenny, Albert, and I will be heading out to Squamish for some cycling tomorrow morning. Hopefully the swell in my left wrist will go down by then.

Right, so I was thinking that for a Creative Designer, I’m pretty friggin blind. Either that, or the people who rate it that way are friggin black and white and see things through a broken kaleidoscope (sp?), or maybe I see things in blue and orange and through a tube of broken mirrors…?

Then again, how could my perception be so off like that? I know beauty in design, art, photography and blah are all relative to the individual’s eyes and mind, but this is about through my eyes and my mind. I don’t quite get it really. Maybe that’s why things are as they are. Chemicals in the brain, emotions, attachments to certain feelings, thoughts, and filtering gateways make us all perceive things differently, but shouldn’t there be a generic standard? I always thought that there was one. If there wasn’t one, then there wouldn’t be a medium, an average, the divide and separation.


[“Microphoby” by Randomajestiq]

Ah, it’s been awhile since I listened to Kahvi tunes. So out of touch.

Back on track… How could one person through superficial design alone rate a piece of art a perfect 10 out of 10, yet another person would rate that same piece of art a nasty 1 out of 10? Let’s restrict the criteria here for a moment. Let’s put understanding and personality aside and concentrate only on asthetic beauty of an item – now how would that work? Let’s say Ford and Porsche had a contest – of the cars they currently have on display, which top model of each company is more beautiful? Yes yes yes – there are tidbits like sexiness, comfort, shape, etc, etc, etc to be put into consideration, but aside from the tidbits. Let’s look at it as it is – the item as a whole, asthetically.

[“Deception” by Ben Businovski]

Now this is more of my type of music. Oh how I miss those days and nights…

Anyway so now there are personal tastes to be put into consideration – very complex indeed. However, YES, I prefer the Porsche general design over Ford any day. As far as the Saleen Mustang S7 versus the Porsche GT2 (I prefer the GT2 over the Carerra GT in design), I like the overall design of the GT2. The S7 looks too flashy, as if it says “I’m speed” but dies in a race. You know what I mean? Where as the GT2 is subtle, classy, and deliciously gorgeous.



^^ Porsche GT2


Yes, personal preference again, but still. Let’s put it into a broader perspective…

honda del sol.jpg

^^ (Del Sol) You stick a bunch of cars together, amongst them of course, the GT2 and the S7…


^^ (Yeah) And you stand back a few metres…


^^ (Tiburon) Then walk from side to side slowly…


^^ (Testarossa) No comment.


^^ (Saleen S7) Or you might actually friggin wake up from the 750 HP of POWER that comes straight out of the S7!!!???


^^ (GT2 2001) At least admire and bask in the beauty of the GT2!

So out of all these cars, the GT3 and the S7 are the obvious exotically yummilicious of the bunch. So they should automatically receive 9/10 or 10/10 right? Right???

And you know what’s still friggin messed up? Is that a lot of people will still rate the red Tib at 9 or 10, and the Mini at 9 or 10… HOW IN THE 3 KINGDOMS DID THEY DEVELOP THAT CONCEPT?!?!?

Yes, it IS perspective, but as a designer and an artist and retired musician, I know what’s damn excellent and what’s terribly horrible. So how does this work now?


^^ THE CAT BUS! WOOHOO! I guess it only accepts acorns as payment?


7 thoughts on “I Must Be Pretty Blind

  1. The pink one wins HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!

    My grade 8 hardass art teacher Mr. Hammer graded what I thought was a masterpiece only 3.5 out of 5. I wanted so badly to sock him in the face but instead, I just ran away crying myself into a state of resigned passiveness.

  2. Mr. Hammer?!?! Which school? Let me put a sock filled with KY in his gas tank! 8E

  3. Eric Hamber but he’s probably retired by now. Thanks! (What’s KY?)

  4. KY Jelly… 🙂 It’s a water-bsaed lube for SEXUAL usage. SEXUAL usage. {meow}

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Well, here I thought it was some new brand of jell-o! D’oh!

  6. Love the red tiburon…


    The one u said M3…thats not an M3…

  7. Oh weird, you’re right. Why did I think it was an M3? It doesn’t even look like an M3. I’ll go change it when I come back from work. Thanks. ^_^

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