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Who’s The Man?


[“Who’s The Man” by House Of Pain]

Okay, this is a strange concept for me okay? But, this started when Anthony started calling me “Adorable Man” early this year. He’s an entertaining person who also knows my brother. He’s the captain of his volleyball team. He called me Adorable Man because he thought I was really cute (and told me he would fuck me over and over and over again if he could) and well you guessed it, he’s gay as well.

Now the ‘concept’ is that I have been referred to as a man. I mean, I’ve been called a man before, but it didn’t quite click. What I mean is that I have always referred individuals as a person or people – eg: in a conversation with someone about say Albert, I would say, “Albert is a moderately tempered person. He’s been through a lot of mental and emotional stress. I believe that he will become very concentrated on his beliefs.” Or “I believe that Laura is a person that requires some sort of good luvin aside from the one above.”

Weird my ass!

So anyway, the concept of being called a man frequently in the last few months by Sheila and various other women/girls including my mommy has made me scratch my head a bit thoughtfully. Like today, I dropped my bike off at Sportchek at Ditchmond Centre, then proceeded to walk around the mall a bit. Fortunately, Albert talked to me on the phone for 10 minutes or blah. After we hung up, I noticed that I was at the food court, taking my sweet ass time to ‘enjoy’ the architecture and various advertisements. As I walked back towards SC, I saw a couple of cougars with okay faces but fucking sweet bodies – like big titty gorgeous (yes, sometimes I need to swear to put more emphasize on the things I really like)… Yes, saw two cougars and one of them smiled at me and I smiled back. Then as I turned a corner toward SC, there was this Asian-ethnic female, pretty cute too, looks shy, was with her mommy, I kept on looking at her, and she did the same, but I kept on thinking, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?”

Then I disappeared and she disappeared. I thought, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?” because I couldn’t bring myself to smile at her.

Here’s a stupid rhetorical question for myself, “Does smiling really help get the girls?!?!”

[laughs like a god bathing in fire and drinking 10000 proof alcohol]

I remember that time I went to UBC with Albert and there was this pretty cute Asian-ethnic girl who walked passed us, and while she was walking by, I smiled because Albert said something weird and that girl thought I was smiling at her, so she smiled back at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and continued smiling. She even looked back at me!


I am scared really. I CONFESS! NOW YOU KNOW! Rather, I am just really shy. I look confident and look like I don’t give a care in the world – and actually you’re right, I don’t give much care, but behind all that confidence, I am really really really really shy. I think the only thing holding me together is that I am strong enough internally, founded on life’s experiences and business, etc, etc, etc… Boobies.

Then again, I am also very daring. Nah, just daring enough. Not brave, but daring. UN M UN MAH?!?!?

PICTURE TIME! If you don’t know me well enough, then you will think I am a conceited son of lun. Fortunately, for those who do supposedly know me or have seen my lun, I have named the folder in which it holds these pics “The Silliness”.

Alms for the poor! ALMS for the POOR!!!



^^ These two pics were taken on Tuesday (08/01) when Albert, Jenny, and I was painfully walking slowly around the neighborhood just east of Granville Street in Hongcouver.


















^^ I look pretty haam sup eh?


^^ If you go through enough of my pictures, my face will ‘slowly’ turn into something else. You see, this is part of the bigger picture.


^^ Is the illusion working?


^^ Yes, long enough and I turn into a monkey.

And to celebrate this occasion, I present…



3 thoughts on “Who’s The Man?

  1. Oh gawsh, the girl with the mommy had better be over 5 years old! >ENDLESS I TELLS YAS!!!!!

    And yes, that’s the great thing about smiles. They’re so freakn ambiguous, you can use it as a flirting tool, embarrassing coverup, nervousness coverup, disapproval coverup… again, ENDLESS!!!!!!!! MUHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *smile*

  2. [gasp] She better be over 5! Unless those boobies were fake! OH NOES!!! [laughs then dies temporarily]

    Yes, smiles… [sigh] I seem to have odd difficulties with that. Must train more. MUST!!!

    AND… Anthony – I met him at Britannia High School. He’s in his late 30’s or early 40’s. I used to go watch Cindy play indoor vball every Tuesday, and well Anthony came up to me on the first night I was there and right in front of her said I was so damn adorable. Of course, this caused quite a lot of giggles… [sigh] His ‘full’ name is Anthony Steel – geez… Is that a coincidence, or is he a porn actor as well?

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