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Wheeeere’s Johnny!?


A dozen cans of Kokanee, 11 of which were drunk by me, about 1 a night, then bamboo juice that my mom and I found out turned bad, and finally today during work I said to my co-worker as I packed up a tripod and a digital camera, “I’m going out to take some pictures.” A massive grin showed up on my perverted face as I walked over to the van, put the stuff onto the middle seat, buckled in and drove off. Then I parked and entered Ironwood Liquor Store and there they were… Rows and rows and rows and rows of shiny black bottles with many different variations of labels of all shapes and sizes. Suddenly, everything became sweeter, my body became lighter, and some divine power lifted me off the ground and I danced and skipped and leaped from isle to isle, basking in the glory of the gods and goddesses I worship whenever I am allowed to. Then there they were… The whiskey and Port isle…

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough cash on me, so I got a medium sized bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label instead of my preferred Black Label, and I got a large bottle of Warre’s Warrior Special Reserve. Tis good enough. The WW should last me a month or two, and the JW should last me over the summer, unless something bitter comes up, then well, I can finish them off in one weekend, or a night…



2 thoughts on “Wheeeere’s Johnny!?

  1. I know why you’re so giddy to buy JW and WW. It’s not so much about the drinking, but what happens AFTER to those bottles when they’re empty 😉 LOL

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